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WebMD Fit Kids website concept and design, with avatars, custom backgrounds, promos and games.
WebMD Fit Branding and logo system design that allowed its users to fully customise their Fit site.
McGraw Hill Teacher and student lesson planning interface designs.
The Great Space Race Interface design, logo & Illustration concepts, for an educational game design grant proposal.
Space Race Interface
DigSigs I created a series of illustrated and animated avatar combinations for a website called MaMaMedia.
Animal Friends iPad App Concepts, illustration, character design, and animation.
DK Publishing Kid DK website Game design and illustrations.
Scholastic Animated intro for the Everyday Literacy product website.
The American Museum of Natural History Animated intro and storyboard for the Smithsonian + AMNH online Vikings exhibit.
Aveda BioEnergy Capture science explanation storyboard illustration and animation.
Edgenuity Illustrated explanation of The Water Cycle for high school students.
Water Cycle Diagram
Schlumberger SEED Animated alternative energy illustrations for the Slumberger Planet SEED website.
Alernative Energy
Schlumberger SEED Virtual interactive experiments for Build Your Own Star, Porosity Explorer and Viscosity Explorer.
SEED Experiments
Edgenuity Fossil dig illustrations and concept for a math lesson on equations for their learning software.
Fossil Dig
Layout & Print Design for various consumer and fashion brands
Invite Design
P&G Invite
Interactive email design within a current style guide
Annual report design


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