This current collection of paintings combines many of my past disciplines and interests developed over the years. I grew up in the NYC area and -- for as long as I can remember -- have been focused on creating: from New York graffiti art's early days, to painting record album artwork onto friends' denim jackets, to furniture design. After high school, I received my BFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and, soon after, started working as an Art Director / Designer / Illustrator / Photographer.

I've always loved and admired the realist work of Richard Estes and Edward Hopper. The precise and commanding realism of Estes, and the looser brush work, narrative and mood of a Hopper. And, like me, both artists were painting in NYC.

My paintings are a combination of many photos I've taken as well as original illustrations. My process is to take pieces of photos and then manipulate the composition. For example: a reflection in one window can be moved to another window; a building facade moved to a new location; a window originally not having a figure now does. All of these decisions are used to create an undefined narrative and mood. These places do exist, but have been configured in a new way. 

I live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn with my wife and son.

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